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Elite Children’s Services offers a wide range of Short Courses.  Workshops are tailor made for each organisation.  






Protective Behaviours (2 hours)

This is a great follow up to Child Safe Environments. Focusing on how the centre can help      children and parents look after themselves. What is normal sexualised behaviour, and how staff can deal with a variety of situations.


Grievance Resolution Training (2 hours)

This course covers all the necessary areas if you are having problems with staffing issues or just want to update your grievance process and remind staff of the processes.


Accreditation (2 hours)

ECS will offer your centre a Mock Valuation to get you thinking about the necessary changes to your centre. The Accreditation Workshop will look at exactly what do you need to do to get Accreditation and how to implement the identified changes.


Epen Training (1 hour – price includes DVD)

All staff must have a clear understanding about how to administer the Epipen if it becomes  necessary. The centre is also given a DVD for them to review as necessary. ECS will assist the centre to reflect on its current procedure and make changes as needed.


Programming (2 hours)

The aim of this workshop is to show staff the needs and importance of programming. Giving staff both a general overview and making sure that they are aware of meeting all accreditation principles.


Observation (2 hours)  

This subject is a great tool, especially when coupled with Programming. Linking the importance of observation and how it can assist in programming.  Observation taking is of great assistance in ensuring your programming meets the needs of all children as individuals.


Storytelling with puppets and other resources (2 hours)

Storytelling is a big part of children’s learning and play. This workshop focuses on the different ways to use puppets and other resources to emphasis storytelling.


Behaviour Management (2 hours)

Highlighting the importance of behaviour management, this workshop teaches staff and centres why everyone needs to be consistent with their approach to management in behavioural issues. Also looks at why children behave the way they do and how centres can resolve certain situations.


Accidents, Injuries and Incidents (2 hours)

Teaching staff how important it is to document all details relating to accidents, injuries and incidents.

Including; how they can be best managed in the child care  setting and, a reminder to all staff about their centre policies and procedures.


Interaction with children (2 hours)

Answers several questions; why are interactions with children important? How do our interactions link to Behaviour Management? What are we expecting from children? Are they in line with their developmental needs?


Belonging, Becoming and Being (2 hours)

This training is an in-depth look at the New Early Years Learning Framework curriculum. Learn how to implement and get started with changes to programming. 

Communication (2 hours)

Focusing on all the communication needs within the centre environment as well as the importance of  communicating with each other and centre management.


Manual Handling (2 hours)

This is a must for all staff. Protect your staff and yourself against workplace injuries. Manual Handling teaches staff about the importance of performing their job in a way that they are not going to injure themselves or others.


Special needs (2 hours)

The aim of this subject is to assist staff to understand the needs of all the children within their centre. Focusing specifically on children in your centre, research and enquiries would be undertaken on these disabilities to ensure that every staff member has a firm understanding of the needs of each individual child in care.


Parent Information Evening

After discussion with the Centre Director, as to the needs of the parents/ families of children attending the centre a Parent Information Evening will be conducted. Done in a very informal manner, it is    always well received by parents that have attended.

Topics range from behaviour management, sleeping, fussy eaters and general parenting questions.


Professional Development

Catered to meet the needs of the centre (3-4 hours)

After meeting with the Centre Director, ECS will focus on what the main issues are within the centre.

The training that is covered will meet specific staff and centre needs. This training may include a general overview of all the topics listed.



These descriptions are a guide only as all training is compiled after discussion with Centre Directors as to the needs of the individual centre and individual staff members.

Elite Children’s Services prides itself on personalising training for each individual centre, so if you need any training that is not listed then, please contact us, and we will arrange a time to visit you to discuss your training needs.



All 2 hour workshops will be $35.00 per person.

Each workshop needs a minimum of students, depending on workshop offered. Special prices offered for large groups! 

All training workshops will be held at your centre ensuring that all training is focused on your staff team.


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