Child Safe Environment Compliancy Statement

Legislation regarding Child Protection has changed stating that all organisations must take steps to help protect children in their care.

These amendments commenced on 1 January 2011.  All Organisations should have lodged a Child Safe Environment Compliance Statement with the Department for Families and Communities no later than 28th February 2011. Otherwise your organisation is at risk of a $5000 fine.

 These changes apply to organisations that provide services wholly or partly for children such as;

~ Health

~ Welfare

~ Education

~ Sporting or Recreational Venues

~ Religious or Spiritual Places

~ Child Care

~ Residential Services

Organisations are required by law to develop policies and procedures to establish and maintain Child Safe Environments.

These changes are a good opportunity for organisations to review their Child Safe Environments policies and procedures and ensure that they are up to date and well understood by all staff.

ECS has experienced staff that will assist your organisation to write a statement and to help management understand its organisations legal     requirements.

ECS can also offer training of your staff in Child Safe Environments.


Policy Development

When was the last time your policies were really reviewed?

Are your current policies a real reflection about your centre and its current practices?

Do you need a qualified and professional organisation to rewrite them for you?


ECS can either assist management to write these policies or our qualified staff can write them, taking the pressure off the Director and/or Manager. ECS will ensure your polices are compliant with Licensing and Accreditation requirements.


Accreditation Review

A great tool for a new staff team, new manager or management committees to see where you are as a centre. This review can be an overall of all areas or can just focus on an area for development. A mock validation can also be taken by a highly qualified ESC staff member, who will look at all   areas that a validator would look at.

A full report can be provided to indicate where you need to focus your centres continuous improvement.


Grievance Resolution Training

This training covers all the necessary areas if you are having problems with staffing issues or just want to update your   grievance process and remind staff of the processes.


Management & Director Mentoring

Feeling a bit snowed under?

New in a Management position?

Need guidance or help?

Just need to know you are on the right track ?

Where do management get their professional development?

ECS provides experienced staff who can mentor you and provide professional development opportunities. You will learn to develop and further your skills as a Manager or   Director.



Initial consultation FREE!*

ESC Consultancy Services will cost $55 per hour.

 All training workshops will be held at your organisation ensuring that all training is focused on your staff team.

Elite Children’s Services prides itself on personalising training for each individual business. Please contact us and we will arrange a time to visit you to discuss your training needs.


* First 30 mins free only


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